The Work

Gatzgatz Designs are inspired from life, actions, events and everyday moments.


Did I say Color? From an early age I’ve always been fascinated with colors. Colors are a huge part of my work. I choose to work with bright and bold colors. My goal is to create a sense of place, time, and space.


Circle? Maybe a square? Shapes are around us everywhere. How the eye decides to form objects is largely based around many objects coming together to create a whole. I use shapes in my work to set the tone for the overall work and composition of the piece.


Textures are such a large part of every day life. Bluejeans, newspaper, metal, wood. It’s always interesting to see how humans interact with materials. I use and derive much of my work from various materials and textures in life.

Make Art!

Not a style a Revolution!

GatzGatz is a custom design line, specializing in modern designs. GatzGatz designs are brought to you from the inspiration of everyday life with cutting edge and vintage looks. For all work and pieces please send me an email.est.

Various events ranging from Artomatic to Pancake and Booze. I love showing my work.

Summer time means festivals. Getting out in the summer air and showing of my work outdoors. Herndon Festival and many others!

I often find my self submitting work to various galleries including Falls Church Arts!

Gatzgatz works!

A few samples of current and past works!

Our Journey In Numbers

We are proud of every journey we took.Still we will never stick with the past.

Pictures Taken
Works Created!